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This FPGA Project was completed in July 2013.

Adc graph.jpg

I needed a nice way to slowly graph the value on an ADC for an optical pulse oximeter I'm working on. It turns out that due to the input impedance of the ADC it can also be used to detect static charges - see the Video at http://youtu.be/EvlgD6i2LCY

The design could be adapted to graph at about 60,000 samples per second. I am also going to use it to practice with designing DSP filters, and for an ULF detector I'm building.

I changed the timebase to see if it was random noise. Here's a graph with samples being taken at approximately 1kHz:

Adc graph2.jpg

Yep, 50Hz mains hum...

Source files

This is for the Papilio One 250k + LogicStart Megawing. It is mostly a mashup of code available elsewhere on the site.

File:Adc graph.zip

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