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As a learning exercise I am re-implementing the Atari Crystal Castles arcade game in an FPGA.


Brief overview of components used

  • A single 6502 processor.
  • Five 2764 8kB ROMs for code (1x8kB, plus two banks of 16kB each)
  • 32kB DRAM for video memory, physically organised as 16,384 16 bit words.
  • 2 x 6116 SRAMS for Sprite control and working RAM.
  • Two 2764 8kB ROMs holding sprites
  • Two 2149H SRAM used as a motion object buffer
  • A 32x8 SRAM used to hold colour 4 bit -> 8 bit colour mappings
  • Two 'POKEY' Audio chips.

The amount of memory used is a big hindrance to implementing this in and FPGA. But I recently got a Pipistrello board, and this will be a perfect target for this.

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