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The Logi-Pi is an Spartan 6 LX9 based FPGA development board from ValentFX (http://valentfx.com/).


What is unique about this board is that it stacks on top of the Raspberry Pi, and can have standard Arduino shields stacked on top.


One of the more unique features of this board is that it doesn't have any on-board programming interface, but is programmed by the connected Raspberry Pi using a simple "logi_loader" application. The prototype does in fact have unpopulated pads for a microcontroller to program the FPGA, but I don't think they will end up on the production board.

One compelling feature is the Micro 48LC16M16A2 - a 256Mb (32MB) 133 MHz SDRAM chip - four times what is on the Papilio Pro.

I developed my Simple SDRAM Controller for the Logi-Pi and Papilio Pro on it.

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