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A clone of a 6502 processor

This FPGA Project was started June 2011. Has been put on hold as there exists plenty of 6502 clones, and there is very little merit in creating a new one.


The MOS 6502 and derivatives were used in many classic 8 bit micros. The Apple ][, the Commodore 64, BBC Micro...

I learned to program a 6502 in hex on a VIC 20 at around 1983. As a bug would usually need a hard reset I am very surprised that actually got any code working.

The original 6502 was in 1975, I want to see how hard it is to build one 35 years later!

The best background for somebody unfamiliar with the 6502 is

Project status

Just a twinkle in my eye.

Source Documentation

The instruction set is documented at

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