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My guide to learning the Papilio Plus FPGA development board using the FPGA MegaWing for the I/O.

Software install

Downloading software was easy just grabbed it from

Installed fine on Windows 7, just that the driver install took a little longer than anticipated.

Just a bit of a shame that I needed an updated version...

Questions I had along the way

Must be sure to remember that you need the four constraints that avoid routing to the the pins connected to VCC and GND

Do we have to do anything to 'safe' the SRAM if you are not using it? Tie CE or OE to VCC or GND? [Jack] I think setting CS to zero will disable it. I haven't been doing that in any tests I'm running so far and things have been fine.

The pin outs on applicable NOTE: the columns are ordered (left to right) C B A, and column numbering runs in different directions to match the wing orientation.

First attempts at programming

Opened a CMD prompt as Administrator - tried running the batch file - it didn't work.

Twigged that I needed to run the commandline programmer in '\bin'.

That didn't work either. Got updated programmer file - now works! Big thanks Jack!

C:\Users\Hamster\Desktop\Papilio Programmer\Papilio Programmer\bin>papilio-prog.exe -f c:\Users\Hamster\Projects\FPGA\PapilioPlus\ButtonsToLights\ButtonsToLights.bit
Using devlist.txt
JTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x04001093     Desc: XC6SLX9

Uploading "c:\Users\Hamster\Projects\FPGA\PapilioPlus\ButtonsToLights\ButtonsToLights.bit".
C:\Users\Hamster\Desktop\Papilio Programmer\Papilio Programmer\bin>

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