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I'm thinking of organising a FPGA Workshop.

Just enough to get people started - installing software, building a first design, a little bit of HDL and so on.



I'm thinking of eight two-hour sessions.


It will be in Christchurch, most likely held at a community facility. The Christchurch South Learning Centre is a possible venue, and a meeting room costs $15 per hour.

Group size

Between six and ten people.


  • Can add in binary (using pen and paper)
  • Know what the AND, OR, NOT, XOR, NAND and NOT boolean operators
  • Can program in one language
  • Simple electronics knowledge - enough to connect a LED to a battery
  • Can bring along a current low-end laptop (2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 50GB of free disk space)


So I'm thinking the following costs:

$60 for students, borrowing one of my development boards
$80 for non-students, borrowing one of my development boards
$165 for students, including development board, USB stick and book.
$185 for non-students, including development board, USB stick and book.

Estimated budget

Item Cost Notes
Room $15 per hour
Dev boards US$80 = $NZ95 per person + $10 duties Gadget Factory Papilio One + LogicStart
USB keys $8 per person 8GB
Book $15.50 per per person 65 double-sided pages at @ 0.18 per page, plus $3.79 for binding
My time  ??
Attendees My direct costs to hold workshop
6 $891
7 $1,020
8 $1,148
9 $1,276
10 $1,405

Will it be worth the risk (finacially)?

Attendees Fees Costs Gross Profit
10 non-students $2,000 $1,405 $445
10 students $1,800 $1,405 $245
6 non-students $1,200 $1,165 $159
6 students $1,080 $1,165 $39

The room costs are only about 20% of the cost of the workshop, so options are to reduce per-student cost.

  • No hardcopy of the book (save $15 per attendee)
  • Seeing if I can get a quantity discount at Gadget Factory (save maybe 10%/$10 per attendee, but only if they purchase the development board).
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