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Papilio Plus has a single clock running at 32MHz.

NET CLK  LOC = "P94" | IOSTANDARD = LVTTL33 | PERIOD = 31.25ns;

Generating other useful frequencies

By using the DCM on the FPGA other frequencies can be synthesized. The incoming clock can be multiplied by an integer from 2 through 32, then divided by an integer from 1 through 32 - nearly 500 options. I'm not sure, but due to the frequency limits of a DCM using any multiplier greater than 10 might exceed its Fmax.

Here is a handy table of multiplied clock rates, allowing an quick way of finding something that will divide close to your target frequency

Multiplier Frequency
2 64
3 96
4 128
5 160
6 192
7 224
8 256
9 288
10 320
11 352

For example, if you were wanting to generate something close to 25MHz, 224MHz is pretty close to 225MHz, so using Cin*7/9 = 24.888MHz might be good enough, or maybe Cin*4/5 = 25.6MHz.

Mark Schafer sent me a pair of Python scripts that can help find your ideal clock ratios - File:Papilio

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